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Our consulting staff has a myriad of experience in working with leaders and teams within prominent Fortune 1000 companies around the world. With diverse backgrounds in leadership and organizations, we can take on the most complex of challenges, working alongside clients in virtually any type of industry.  A shared passion for your ultimate business success motivates us to stay the course until your goals are accomplished, now and in the future.

Get to know our team

Robert Chapman

Bob specializes in designing enterprise transformations, facilitating strategy and execution, reducing risks from human factors, leadership consulting, and culture change. His passion is assisting clients to achieve extraordinary growth in business results and shareholder value creation, while developing extraordinary leaders.
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Larry Hoelscher

Larry Hoelscher is a transformational management consultant and leadership expert, who brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and results-focused coaching to his clients, large or small. His expertise lies in an ability to enable businesses and individuals to identify and clarify goals that are both challenging and exciting for them and their teams.
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Veronica Rollandi

Veronica specializes in project team leadership and communications, new business development, project management, employee engagement, and multi-cultural organizational challenges. 
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Matt Decker

Matt is a consultant in training, who specializes in communications, program development and participant coaching.
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Mike King

Mike specializes in consulting to project teams, leadership development for supervisors and front line leaders, as well as development of internal facilitators who are working in organizational transformation projects. His passion is for the emergence of leadership within organizations.
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Ben Henry

Ben specializes in strategic planning and business development. He has worked for over 30 years either within or as a consultant to major energy and chemical companies.
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Don Peterson

Don enables employees and leaders to fulfill on projects with substantial impact, both personally and within their organizations. He specializes in working with individuals and teams that are focused on producing results not previously achieved.
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