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KingChapman’s services are designed to make a difference in:

Unlike old-school linear approaches to strategy development, KingChapman believes in an integrated, strategic approach to bring about organizational transformation, whereby strategy and execution go hand and hand. Our iterative process takes dynamic markets into account, preparing leaders to consider unexpected challenges and business impacts whenever strategizing or executing change initiatives—especially in the face of rapidly changing economic conditions, aggressive competitors, picky customers and uncertain governmental and regulatory environments.

The following Strategy service offerings are designed to enhance the connection between strategy and execution to produce extraordinary results:

  • Breakout Strategic Growth
  • Strategic Execution

Breakout Strategic Growth

Breakout strategies for growth begins with a declaration. In this service offering, we work closely with leaders to take a stand and declare the new future for their organization, as well as the leadership behavior required to achieve and sustain growth—on both an individual and company level. Participants are coached to build on their strengths, expand the range of their current behavior and improve their leadership capabilities.

Strategic Execution

Successful execution depends on extraordinary leaders, who think and act strategically.

And successful strategies must be designed with execution in mind, along with the flexibility to incorporate feedback that naturally occurs during the execution phase. This service offering deals with ways to quickly identify changes, assess incoming data and act accordingly to bring about transformational change—regardless of the present circumstances.

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