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Enabling organizations to unlock exceptional value through leadership that promotes growth, learning, innovation and resilience.

KingChapman’s services are designed to make a difference in:

Growing Businesses and People

The KingChapman tagline, “Growing Businesses and People,” clearly illustrates our purpose and underpins all our services, which focus on transforming businesses at a high level, as well as developing people throughout the organization to take on leadership roles. We do this by empowering them to achieve breakthroughs in innovation, resilience, strategic execution and culture. In a corporate culture where every person can be a leader, unprecedented engagement and participation happen, which in turn leads to breakthroughs in business performance and transformation. Ultimately, the breakthroughs that occur are due to the brilliance and engagement of committed people within the organization—the special ingredient that fuels continual growth and adds value to the bottom line.

The Importance of Leadership

Leadership is critical for achieving breakthroughs. Without strong leadership, there is little hope of breakthroughs in innovation, meaningful growth, responding to challenges and sustainable value creation—all of which drive success in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment with globalization and digitalization challenges. However, given the importance of leadership, it is surprising how many misconceptions still exist when it comes to true leadership qualities and how to develop them.

Below are some roadblocks to effective leadership that must be overcome:

• Outdated understanding of what constitutes leadership
• Assumption that leadership and management are the same
• Not spending the resources and time for development of individual leaders
• Weak leadership development programs

Breakthrough Services

Just as we prepare clients to respond to current needs in the workplace and the marketplace, we too have developed a program that fits the ever-changing business world. KingChapman offers a unique consulting model designed to generate breakthroughs and organizational transformation in any situation, with Leadership at the core, surrounded by four main service areas: Strategy, Innovation, Resilience and Transformational Culture. Depending on your requirements, we apply specific offerings within this service model to deliver customized solutions.

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