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KingChapman’s services are designed to make a difference in:

Resilience is an organization’s capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  Leaders in industries as diverse as energy, healthcare, professional services and technology are discovering the importance of increasing resilience in their organizations. Often this awareness begins with a “close call” which demonstrates the organization’s vulnerabilities.  Often, such experiences are followed by a transformative pivot, which creates the opportunity for actions which increases resilience.

The following Resilience service offerings are designed to improve resilience, and thus reliability, at the organization and individual levels:

  • Organizing for High Reliability
  • Building Organizational Resilience
  • Leading through Complexity

Organizing for High Reliability

High Reliability Organizing (HRO) principles emerged as organizations sought a means of preventing incidents with disastrous consequences. The risk for these incidents has increased as organizations and technologies have become more complex. When these devastating incidents do occur, the consequences are enormous. King Chapman believes organizations are most successful when OHR is a way of being and a mindset for action. This service offering assists business leaders in organizing for high reliability, by presenting a series of principles that reduce a company’s exposure to risk from people’s unwise actions. We cover factors like cognitive bias, i.e., when the automatic function of a person’s brain misperceives a situation and launches a course of action based on faulty perception. Awareness is key to counteract this phenomenon, which can compound an already dangerous situation.

Building Organizational Resilience

Leadership, in the context of Organizing for Higher Reliability, requires creativity in engaging others to think differently about their work environment. KingChapman helps leaders prepare for the challenges facing health care, energy, technology and other high-consequence industries that require a high degree of resilience. This service offering helps leaders work through tension and build resilience that will inspire others to be exceptional in observing complex events and creating innovative ways to adapt to these complexities.

Leading through Complexity

The ever-increasing complexity facing global organizations demands that leaders improve their ability to cope with matters like unforgiving social, political and regulatory environments, which are rich with complexity and where the scale of consequences can be catastrophic if ignored. Unfortunately, the default mindset in many organizations is to avoid complexity, by adopting a known solution—even when it does not apply. While reducing personal anxiety, it costs the organization an opportunity to understand the drivers of complexity, which is critical information for breakthroughs in innovation and reduction of risks. KingChapman coaches leaders to guide their organization and teams to embrace and learn from complexity. This service offering reveals how much of what happens in business does not actually fit neatly inside order and knowing. Instead, it occurs in the realms of uncertainty and un-ordered, which requires leaders who are equipped to lead through complexity.

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