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KingChapman’s services are designed to make a difference in:

Leadership is among the greatest assets of an organization. Enabling leaders at all levels is essential for strong organizational health and success in implementing strategic change. Leadership is the starting point for achieving breakthroughs and transformation. Without leadership there is little hope of breakthroughs in innovation, meaningful growth, responding to challenges and sustainable value creation. Leadership is where it all begins. Enabling leaders to thrive is a core strength of KingChapman.

The following Leadership service offerings are designed to develop leaders at all levels of your organization—from C-suite, to upper management, to front-line employees:

  • Executive Leadership Consultation
  • Becoming a Transformational Leader
  • Employee Leadership Development

Executive Leadership Consultation

Individual leadership consultation allows executives to explore their commitments, passions and strengths in a confidential, private space. They receive coaching on what is required to engage and inspire others in their organization. By taking on a real-life project, they actively experiment and practice new leadership techniques “on the court” with real-time, unbiased feedback from their KingChapman consultant.

Becoming a Transformational Leader

This consulting service offers a unique set of interventions and conversations that help develop a special breed of “transformational” leaders. Participants learn how to create breakthrough results and how to lead transformation efforts in their organization, with an emphasis on effective communication skills and an empowering way of being. This type of leadership is the source of major accomplishments coming to fruition.

Employee Leadership Development

Our clients around the world view employee leadership development as among their most important investments. Successful leaders develop through a wide variety of life experiences and insights acquired from consequences of their actions. With this service offering, KingChapman adds to that development process by introducing employees to formalized leadership theory and practical application tips that they take back to their jobs.

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