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KingChapman’s services are designed to make a difference in:

Breakthroughs and organizational transformation invariably involve changes in mindset and behavior to promote creativity and innovation. Often the most creative, innovative solutions come from those in the heart of the organization who are most familiar with competitor offerings, customer needs and opportunities to improve the products and services. Unleashing the creativity of “every day employees” can produce remarkable creativity and innovation for the organization. Innovation is also a core component of organic growth. Organic growth in turn is a core component of value creation.

The following Innovation service offerings are designed to encourage the free flow of new ideas and innovations from within all ranks of your organization:

  • Breakthrough Projects
  • Leadership & Innovation

Breakthrough Projects

KingChapman uses its proprietary Breakthrough Projects methodology to support organizations in expediting innovation and creating new business outcomes. Companies using this methodology have dramatically revolutionized their industries by bringing innovative products and service lines to market. This service offering helps take your unique organization to the next level of producing ground-breaking results from breakthrough projects that drive your business to compete and win!

Leadership & Innovation

Innovation and leadership are intertwined, as you need both to be truly innovative, to walk the talk. KingChapman enables organizations to create an environment of innovation, where conversations and thinking about new approaches and ideas becomes the norm—not only among leaders, but throughout the entire company. This service offering helps develop the expertise in leadership and breakthrough needed to achieve remarkable success in innovation, taking ideas and turning them into a reality.

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