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KingChapman’s services are designed to make a difference in:

Culture has direct impact on business results and execution of strategies. Any attempt to improve performance and strategic execution must include interventions to transform the organizational culture. Before a culture can be transformed, companies must have a well-thought-out plan for disrupting the norm, i.e., developing new leadership capabilities, new ways of engaging employees and other stakeholders and changing employee mindsets. Each of these steps are required if a business is to become a very different enterprise.

The following Transformational Culture service offerings are designed to support and ensure the success of major changes in your organization’s culture:

  • Aligning Leadership Teams
  • Architecture of Transformation
  • Transforming Organizations
  • Transformation Leadership

Aligning Leadership Teams

Growth does not come through the status quo, but from pushing forward into uncharted waters. Employees and other stakeholders are often skeptical of change and look to leaders in an organization to see how serious they are about a new initiative like cultural transformation. Through this service offering, we seek to align leadership teams so that they steer others through the change process by championing that very change through their own actions, behaviors and communication. That is key to having the organization believe change is possible.

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Architecture of Transformation

Successful transformation of the culture of a business unit, region or entire company requires an architecture for transformation. We define architecture of transformation as “the design and structure (orderly arrangement of parts) of an organizational change effort that will change the nature, function and condition of the business in order to produce outstanding business results. This service offering presents a methodology for doing just that.

Transforming Organizations

There are now proven techniques that successful transformations and thought leaders have contributed to this relatively new body of knowledge. Our Transforming Organizations service offering leverages practical academics like John Kotter[1], excellent survey data from thousands of companies conducted by McKinsey & Co.[2], anecdotal views of successful executives[3] and on-the-ground experience of companies like KingChapman who have participated in transformations around the globe for decades. This is essential for any/all leaders embarking on the transformation of their organization now or in the future.

[1] Kotter, John. Leading Change: Why Transformations Fail. Harvard Business Review. March-April 1995

[2] McKinsey & Company. What Successful Transformations Share. McKinsey Global Survey Results:. 2010

[3] Bossidy, Larry & Ram Charan. Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. Crown Business.2002

Change Leadership

There is actually a clear distinction between change leadership vs. change management. Change leadership starts with a simple concept: Capturing the hearts and minds of

everyone involved, by creating an environment in which people become fully engaged with the change effort, and by so doing, ensure its success. This service offering helps generate the leadership capabilities to make that happen.

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