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We equip leaders to create a culture of high performers.

Our commitments to clients is simple: we create value only when you do. We believe that it takes more than the advice of a consultant to make a difference; it takes a partner who will stick with you until the job is done.

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since 1983.

our history

Over Three Decades of Strategy

KingChapman has continued to evolve over the years. Today the practice leaders are Bob Chapman, Robert Hausmann and Larry Hoelscher. Robert’s specialization is organizational learning and systems change. He brings a wealth of experience in settings such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored health initiatives in India and Latin America, Harvard Business School and US military and intelligence organizations. Larry’s specialization is leadership in global scale transformation projects. His experiences include large-scale, transformational growth initiatives for clients in North America, Latin America and Europe.

The firm began in 1983, when Mike King, Bob Chapman and Bill Broussard founded King Chapman & Broussard (KCB). The intent of the firm at that time was to help clients achieve results previously not thought possible. That continues to be the intent of the firm.

At its inception the company was organized in two separate companies.
1. The King Chapman & Broussard Consulting Group was involved in Organizational Transformation for companies like ATT, BP, Exxon, Ford Motor, Inco Mining, Magma Minerals, Manville, MacMillan Bloedel, Ltd., National Oilwell, Reliant Energy and Tesoro.

2. The second company, King Chapman, Broussard & Gallagher offered career and outplacement consulting services for individuals and groups. The company had offices from Hartford to Los Angeles. In 1995, the partners sold King Chapman Broussard & Gallagher to solely focus on organizational transformation.


What People Say

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